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Pester related links

Posted May 29, 2016; Last update October 18, 2016


This post contains the list of articles, videos, projects related to Pester.

If you would like add something interesting please let me know. Thank you in advance!

Pester related links


Pester general - code: A

No. Title Author Date Url
4 Pester repository on GitHub   2011-01-02
13 Configure and test windows infrastructure using Powershell technologies DSC and Pester running from Chef and Test-Kitchen Matt Wrock 2014-10-13
6 Practical PowerShell Unit-Testing: Getting Started Michael Sorens 2014-11-03
7 Practical PowerShell Unit-Testing: Mock Objects Michael Sorens 2014-11-04
8 Practical PowerShell Unit-Testing: Checking program flow Michael Sorens 2014-11-05
23 Create your first Pester script to test a DSC resource Fabien Dibot 2014-11-30
24 Build your Azure lab with DSC and validate it using Pester – 1/3 Fabien Dibot 2014-12-27
25 Build your Azure lab with DSC and validate it using Pester – 2/3 Fabien Dibot 2015-01-04
3 Comparing Objects using JSON in PowerShell for Pester Tests Daniel Scott-Raynsford 2015-08-23
1 Testing Script Modules with Pester - series Dave Wyatt 2015-12-14
2 Download Free Pester Cheat Sheet Kaj Bonfils 2016-05-18
14 Mocking SQL Results in Pester Nick Hudacin 2016-04-28
16 PowerShell Pester assertions – Testing with the should command Adam Bertram 2016-05-24
28 PowerShell – Pester and Invoke-ScriptAnalyzer Ben Taylor 2016-05-27
5 Writing #Pester based Unit Tests for #PowerShell Remoting Nicholas Dille 2016-05-30
6 Help = Spec = Test James O’Neill 2016-05-31
9 A different pitch for Pester James O’Neill 2016-06-01
10 Active Directory ReportUnit Pester results Irwin Strachan 2016-06-10
11 Testing Active Directory with Pester and Powershell Mark Wragg 2016-06-13
12 How to Run a Pester Test Jun Blender 2016-06-13
17 Invoke-Pester: Running Selected Tests June Blender 2016-06-15](
15 How to Pass Parameters to a Pester Test Script June Blender 2016-06-17
18 Testing Pester Code Coverage June Blender 2016-06-24
19 Visualizing Operational Tests with Jenkins and Pester Bill Hurt 2016-06-25
20 Constructing Private Test Credentials for Pester Testing Chris Wahl 2016-04-27](
21 Remediating vSphere Configuration Drift with PowerShell Pester Tests Chris Wahl 2016-06-17
22 The Pester Pipeline Christopher Hunt 2016-06-21
27 Using Visual Studio Code to develop VSTS Build Tasks with PowerShell and Pester tests Richard Fennell 2016-06-27
26 Pester, Jenkins, Remote & ExitCode Fabien Dibot 2016-07-02
28 Unit tests versus integration tests in Pester Adam Bertram 2016-07-21
29 Functional / Non-Functional Pester Tests and why I think you really should have a form of both. Ryan Yates 2016-07-21

Test your module with Pester - code: B

No. Title Author Date Url
1 Testing Script Modules with Pester Dave Wyatt 2015-12-17
2 An Easier Way to Control Pester Tests Adam Bertram 2016-03-24
3 Invoking PSScriptAnalyzer in Pester Tests for each Rule Ryan Yates 2016-03-29
5 Building a Simple Release Pipeline in PowerShell Using psake, Pester, and PSDeploy Brandon Olin 2016-04-06
4 Write Dynamic Unit Tests for your PowerShell Code with Pester Mike F Robbins 2016-04-14
5 Using Pester to test your Comment Based Help Francois-Xavier Cat 2016-05-10
6 Using Pester to test your Manifest File Francois-Xavier Cat 2016-05-11
11 Generic Pester Tests Nicholas M. Getchell 2016-06-16
7 Testing Your Module Manifest With Pester - Revisited Matt McNabb 2016-05-18
8 How To Test PowerShell Modules with Pester Adam Bertram 2016-05-19
9 Creating a set of simple Pester Tests for existing or old PowerShell Modules & making them easier to update in future. Ryan Yates 2016-05-24
10 A Boilerplate for Unit testing DSC resources with Pester Mathieu Buisson 2016-07-12

Videos - code: V

No. Title Author Date Url
2 Pester in Action - series Kevin Marquett 2015-11-11
3 Automate your PowerShell tests with Appveyor, Git and Pester! Flynn Bundy 2016-04-03
1 Test-Driven Development with Pester June Blender 2016-05-21
4 Testing PowerShell with Pester Robert Cain 2016-06-18
5 Pester the Tester PowerShell Bugs Beware Robert Cain 2016-06-14

Projects - code: P

No. Name Author Date Url
3 Remotely Microsoft 2015-05-08
1 PesterHelpers Ryan Yates 2016-05-19
4 PoshSpec Chris Hunt 2016-05-12
2 Pester-ExchangeServer Wojciech Sciesinski 2016-05-11
5 PesterOperationTest Tore Groneng 2016-04-23
6 PowerShell Pester Dashboard Kickstarter Josh Castillo 2016-05-02
7 Format-Pester Erwan Quelin 2016-06-17
9 PesterMatchArray Stuart Leeks 2015-11-25
8 PesterMatchHashtable Stuart Leeks 2016-07-11
10 Watchmen Brandon Olin 2016-06-08
11 Vester Chris Wahl 2015-03-25


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