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DSC related links

Posted June 11, 2016; Last update October 18, 2016


This post contains the list of articles, videos, projects related to DSC.

If you would like add something interesting please let me know. Thank you in advance!

DSC related links


DSC general - code: A

No. Title Author Date Url
1 Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration Overview Microsoft 2013-xx-xx
6 DSC Resource Style Guidelines Microsoft + Community
2 PowerShell Desired State Configuration: The Basics Nicolas Prigent 2016-02-10
3 PowerShell Desired State Configuration: LCM and Push Management Model Nicolas Prigent 2016-03-17
9 Decrypting the current MOF on WMF5 Travis Plunk 2016-04-19
4 PowerShell Desired State Configuration: Pull Mode Nicolas Prigent 2016-05-10
5 PowerShell Desired State Configuration: Automating and Monitoring Pull mode Nicolas Prigent 2016-06-16
7 Inheritance in PowerShell DSC resources Luke Griffith 2016-06-16
8 5 Tips for Writing DSC Resources in PowerShell 5 Mathew Hodgkins 2016-06-08
10 Powershell v5 Classes & Concepts Michael Willis 2016-08-18

DSC something - code: B

No. Title Author Date Url  
1 DSC in Chef: Converting Ruby Hashes to PowerShell Types Robb Schiefer 2016-05-11  
2 Migrate Windows Firewall and AppLocker to Desired State Configuration Darren Mar-Elia 2016-06-10  
3 #PowerShell Desired State Configuration (#PSDSC) in Windows Containers using #Docker Nicollas Dille 2016-06-17  
5 vSphereDSC – Principles of Operation LucD 2016-06-07  
4 PowerShell 5, DSC, SABnzbd and Sonarr (Part 1) Kieran Jacobsen 2016-06-16  
6 Tips for using the Puppet PowerShell module Glenn Sarti 2016-06-29  
7 The what, why and how of Azure Automation Desired State Configuration (DSC) Joe Levy 2016-04-04  
8 Tips and tricks for DSC:Purge logfiles Ingo Gegenwarth 2016-08-03  
9 Combining DSC with ELK for effective infrastructure monitoring Prajeesh Prathap 2016-08-15  
10 Introduction to Kitchen-DSC gaelcolas 2016-07-11  
11 Desired State Configuration - ConfigurationData Tore Groneng 2016-10-12  
12 DSC – Use Configuration in Multiple Environments (PSDSCRunAsCredential) Stefan Roth 2016-10-11  

Videos - code: V

No. Title Author Date Url
1 Boe Prox Tuesday, November 10, 2015 6 06 02 PM Boe Prox 2015-11-10
5 PowerShell Classes for Developers Punit Ganshani 2015-12-29
2 Creating a PowerShell Toolkit to Demystify DSC Robbins Mike F. Robbins 2016-04-04
3 Validating Chef Recipes with ChefSpec and PowerShell on Linux Matt Wrock,Jeffrey Snover 2016-08-18
4 PhillyPoSH- Windows PowerShell DSC Implementation Best Practices Timothy Warner 2016-08-04

Projects - code: P

No. Name Author Date Url
3 Deploy Active Directory with PowerShell DSC (a.k.a. “DSC-PROMO”) Ashley McGlone 2015-03-20
1 POSHOrigin Brandon Olin 2015-04-21
5 DSCconfigData Tore Groneng 2015-04-22
2 PowerShell Desired State Configuration for Linux Microsoft
4 ADMXToDSC gpoguy 2015-06-24
6 Testing packaging modules with Test-Kitchen, Jenkins, and, SMB Share. 2016-06-23 Michael Willis

Resources and scripts - code: R

No. Name Author Date Url
2 Central repository for PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) resources. Microsoft + Community
1 xXMLConfigFile IngoGege 2016-06-13
3 DSC Resource module for vSphere environments Luc Dekens 2016-06-04
4 DSC Resource for configuring Windows System Locale Daniel Scott-Raynsford 2016-06-28
5 OneScript Team Blog - PowerShell DSC tagged scripts Microsoft OneScript Team XX
6 GraniResource Grani.Inc. 2014-12-10


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